Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days
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I lost 120lbs and 18″ off my waist without exercise.
I’m no longer embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit!

Are You:

Embarrassed to be the fat person at the gym?

Afraid of dangerous bariatric surgery?

Tired of waiting on the sidelines while your family enjoys
amusement park rides you’re too big for?

Feeling like a failure for trying various fad diets
only to find yourself wearing your “fat pants” again?

You Haven’t Failed.
There’s An Easy Solution!

My name is Cal Emerson, and after being extremely fat for 30 years (380lbs at my heaviest), I rapidly transformed my body without surgery or exercise.

I discovered a fat loss protocol that works on auto-pilot, allowing me to burn 120lbs of fat and melt 18″ off my waist, hips and thighs at a rate of 3 pounds per day.

The best part? My doctor gave me a clean bill of health, I have MORE energy, and I don’t have ANY loose skin!

An Expanding Waistline Is NOT Your Fault!

For years you’ve been fed a truckload of lies by the media telling you to eat and drink pure poison that only makes you get fatter and fatter. These food corporations are literally lining their pockets with YOUR hard-earned cash leaving you stranded with abnormal fat that just won’t go away. This is more than unfair to you – it’s downright dirty and is directly responsible for your weight getting out of control!

Just like you, I tried the diet approach and in the end I found myself worse off than before. Why? No one told me that cutting Calories lowers metabolism which increases the amount of food my body stores as fat. BIG OOPS!

Dieting didn’t work and the gym was the last place I wanted to be seen as the fat guy. I was stuck. Feeling exhausted and defeated, I did nothing, just hoping my fatness would magically disappear.

Training at the Gym Didn’t Work…

A couple years ago, while living in Hollywood, CA, I was desperate to lose weight so I hired a personal trainer for a few months at Gold’s Gym. I often worked out next to famous actors like Ron Perlman. It was a little intimidating.

My trainer was great, and I managed to lose about 15lbs and a couple of inches off my waist in 3 months. It was slow progress, but it was decent. The only problem was that I was so heavy that I couldn’t hold myself up to get any benefit from some of the exercises. I had to do push-ups on my knees, and I couldn’t even do a single machine assisted pull-up using all of the available support weight. Talk about embarrassing!

My training was going well, but being as heavy as I was it was extremely difficult and draining for me to keep going to the gym. I was so tired all the time that I could hardly keep myself awake enough to run my business to put food on the table. At the rate I was going, it would be TWO YEARS before I would reach my goal.

And the cost of training? I was paying $40/month for my gym membership and $75/session. At 3x/week that’s $265/month!

Cutting Calories Makes You Fat!

The Calorie cutting diets promoted in the mainstream media are designed to keep you dependent on their special food and supplements by ensuring that you will gain weight the moment you go off of their plan. Sound familiar?

These diets simply restrict “Caloric intake” without mobilizing your stored fat and only work short term.

With useless “Calorie counting” diets you:

  • Can expect to lose a mere 1lb per WEEK
  • Have to maintain a boring, “low Calorie” diet FOREVER
  • Experience rapid decline in metabolism

Stop Starving Yourself!

I Found A Safe And Effortless Way
To Burn Fat On Auto-Pilot

The hCG Diet is a special Protocol designed to rapidly burn fat from your problem areas (hips, thighs, belly) and help you keep it off by resetting your metabolism.

With the hCG Protocol you can:

  • Lose 1-3lbs per DAY of pure fat without exercise or surgery
  • Experience measurable daily progress
  • Lose inches rapidly while sitting on your couch (yes, really!)
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Take carbohydrates off your hit list!
  • Stop counting Calories
  • Enjoy occasional sweet treats like chocolate and ice cream

The hCG Diet is truly effortless. You can sit on your couch all day and burn fat while you watch movies. I burned most of my fat while watching Big Bang Theory marathons.

Last year I was counting “Calories” like crazy. Today I don’t have to count.
The only thing I pay attention to on food labels is the list of ingredients.

The hCG Diet is PERFECT for you if:

    • You want to see immediate, DAILY results
    • You don’t have the time, energy or money to join a gym
    • You don’t want to be the fat person at the gym
    • Physical exercise is difficult for you
    • You want a fast metabolism so you can eat delicious food again
    • You want to lose INCHES as well as pounds

    The hCG Diet Really Works!

    Waking up each day to visible, measurable fat loss progress is the best feeling in the world!

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    hCG Brings Joy Into Your Life

    Do you dream of being thin enough someday to play with your kids without getting winded? Do you dream of the day you can look and feel great in your clothes?

    Don’t wait for “someday” to come. Get your vibrational hCG today and in just 30 days experience your own fat loss transformation. Everyone will want to know how you did it. And you can tell them anything you want! Your secret is safe with me.

    I Want You To Be Successful!

    I want you to be successful with the hCG Diet and so I want to make myself personally available to support you on your journey. Please, feel free to contact me on Facebook at any time with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Your health is the most important foundation for living a joyful life. I’m committed to helping you reach your fat loss goals to Transform your life in a way that allows you to experience more JOY!

    Cal Emerson
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